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CBG and CBN All-in-One Rechargeable Vape Pen

CBG and CBN All-in-One Rechargeable Vape Pens provide patients targeted relief in daytime (CBG + Sativa) and nighttime (CBN + Indica) formulations.

CBG + Cannabis Oil All-In-One Rechargeable Vape Pen Benefits:  

Energizing & Uplifting  

Clarity & Alertness  

Appetite Stimulant  


CBN + Cannabis Oil All-In-One Rechargeable Vape Pen Benefits:   

Promote Sleep & Relaxation 

Pain Relief  

Enhanced Ensemble Effects  ​​

The Firelands Scientific CBG and CBN Cannabis Oil All-in-One Rechargeable Vape Pens provide a fast, flavorful and consistent experience, allowing patients to administer high-quality cannabis medicine in the formulation of their choice right when they need it. Cannabinoids, like CBG and CBN, have been known to bring relief to symptoms such as pain, inflammation, and nausea. We are proud to have two products readily available.


Discreet, Convenient & Ready to Use All-In-One Rechargeable Vape Pen:

Durable, borosilicate glass

Ceramic coil indirect heating element to preserve flavor

Breath-activated buttonless battery

Absorbent, organic cotton for no wasted oil

Battery overcharge protection

Micro-USB charging port (Charger included)

Firelands Scientific is a cutting-edge medical cannabis company that combines the best of nature, science and technology to provide patients with natural alternatives to modern synthetic drugs. Our rigorous standards ensure consistent and reliable cannabis products that earn the confidence of physicians and patients every day. At Firelands Scientific, we have one goal: To provide patients with the highest quality, natural cannabis medicine. 

Our values of respect, taking ownership, innovation, and being a force for good are as much a part of our identity as pioneering the industry. Our business was built around purpose from Day 1. We are proud to be a  Certified B Corporation. This important milestone solidifies the foundation of our core long-term focus on building a house of cannabis brands based on purpose and social responsibility.