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Where To Find Our Products

Ohio’s patients and their families now have a choice in seeking relief from qualifying medical conditions. We are honored to be a trusted partner for patients and dispensaries throughout Ohio.


Locate Firelands Scientific products using our Product Locator tool below. You can navigate to find the products you are looking for by using the filters on the left-hand side, or by using the “Search” bar. To check pricing and availability, click any particular product and scroll down to find the “product locator” on the product listing.


You will not be purchasing from Firelands Scientific directly; rather, once you choose the dispensary you want to order from and “Add to Cart,” it will add to the cart of the dispensary you chose. You can decide to checkout from there and finish your order through the dispensary’s online portal, or you can also “Browse more at this store” which will allow you to access the full menu of the dispensary you are ordering from.


If you have any troubles with the “Add to Cart” feature for any dispensary, we are unable to assist; be sure to check the particular dispensary’s online menu, or call the dispensary (if pre-ordering is available). *Firelands Scientific is not responsible for fulfillment of orders.*


Click here for a full list of our Dispensary Partners.