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Live Rosin Vape Cartridge

Live Rosin refers to concentrated cannabis oil that has been extracted without the use of solvents such as butane, propane, or CO2 (carbon dioxide). The solventless process results in a cleaner, high-quality concentrate that accurately represents the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the strain used for extraction. Crafted from Ice Water Bubble Hash in smaller batches, our Vape Cartridges have the same whole-plant, Full Spectrum benefits of our Live Rosin but is delivered in a convenient portable form factor and at a viscosity specifically tailored for the “Low” setting on our Phoenix Nest Battery.


Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil

Extraction Method

Solventless Press


For Vaporization Only [with Phoenix Nest Battery]

Top-tier plants.
Each cannabis variety used for our solventless concentrate products has been hand-selected and vetted by our extraction team for high-quality traits and unique terpene profiles. Our SHO is a “Live” concentrate. Upon harvest, plants are immediately frozen fresh to preserve the phytochemical properties, then washed in ice water to separate the trichome heads from plant material. The resulting Ice Water Bubble Hash is dehydrated and mechanically pressed to extract the rosin oil from within trichome heads.

Full Spectrum oil.
Solventless Concentrates are Full Spectrum products, meaning they reflect the cannabis plant’s full original phytochemical makeup, including its naturally derived cannabinoids and terpenes. Made in smaller batches, the Solventless process results in a cleaner, high-quality concentrate.

NO solvents / cutting agents used.

Rather than using butane, propane or CO2 (carbon dioxide), we use ice, water, heat and pressure to pull the resinous oils from Ice Water Bubble Hash. 100% solventless cannabis-derived cannabinoids and terpenes, all grown in our Ohio greenhouse; NO cutting agents – like CBD isolate or distillate – are used to comply with Ohio’s potency restrictions.

  • Designed for use with Phoenix Nest Battery (Sold Separately)
  • Made with Firelands Scientific’s Sungrown Cannabis
  • Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract
  • Just the Plant’s Natural Compounds: No Chemical Solvents Used
  • Cultivar Specific and Unique Variety Combinations
  • THC Rich and Mixed Ratio Formulations

*Note: Per Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) regulations, cannabis concentrates may not exceed more than 590 milligrams of THC. Additionally, THC must make up no more than 70% of the cannabis product’s total composition. [Packaging weight may vary per batch to provide patients maximum permitted potency.]

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