The purity of nature, the precision of science.™

Premium Cannabis Flower

Sungrown Cannabis Flower grown in Ohio’s only full-glass cannabis greenhouse! We combine cutting-edge technology with the power of natural sunlight to nurture our terpene-rich cultivars to their best expression. Premium flowers are carefully selected and slowly cured before being hand trimmed and finally presented in a reusable glass jar.


Full Spectrum, Sungrown Flower

Extraction Method

Hand Harvest, Hand Trim


For Vaporization Only

Hand Trimmed, Carefully Cured

Our carefully curated genetics are grown in our 25,000 sq. ft. Venlo greenhouse, freshly harvested, slow-cured and then delicately hand-trimmed by our team to ensure premium colas.

New Look, Continued Quality!

The jar’s maroon-frosted coating protects the flower from light degradation, and the transparent bottom allows patients to preview the contents before purchasing; plus, less plastic means less waste as the jars can be repurposed!

• Available in 2.83 Gram (1/10) and 11.32 Gram (4/10) Jars

• Sungrown Cannabis Grown in Ohio’s Only Full-glass Cannabis Greenhouse

• Carefully Curated Strain Genetics for Diverse Needs

• Sleek, Effective, Easy-to-Use Packaging

For Full Spectrum selections, which retain an even more complete formulation of an individual cultivar’s original makeup, check out Firelands Scientific’s Solventless Concentrate product offering.


*Note: Per Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) regulations, cannabis concentrates may not exceed more than 590 milligrams of THC per whole day unit (WDU). Additionally, THC must make up no more than 70% of the cannabis product’s total composition.

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